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  This is a site dedicated to the potato lovers of the world whether it be - Spud, patata, البطاطا, 土豆, pomme de terre, Kartoffel, Γεώμηλα, الو, Patates, มันฝรั่ง, potatis, Krompirov, картофель, Cartofi, پټاټه, batata, Ziemniak, سيب‌ زميني‌, potet, 감자, ジャガイモ, Burgonya, आलू, תפוח-אדמה, Dankali, no matter what, potatoes can feed the world.The Potato is one of the staple foods of modern Civilization. It can be classified as both a starch and a vegetable. From its roots in the Andes Mountains to its domination of the farms of Europe, the potato has been both a sustaining force and a culinary delight. On this we are going to explore the history of potatoes, the types, nutritional value, and recipies.

400 years ago potatoes had an impact on world culture. It has fed the masses(rich and poor), and can even provide them with alcholic refreshment.

his website started out as an SEO project, I have now planned to make a little bit more. So feel free to make coment and sugestions. Give me your feelings, recipies, and how you feel we can develop the site on the comments page.


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